How to...

... refill your prescriptions

4 Ways to Refill for existing customers

  • IN PERSON: Stop in at the pharmacy…53 Narragansett Ave. Jamestown, RI
  • PHONE: Call 401.423.2800 and follow the prompts.
  • WEBSITE: Visit and click the "refill my prescription" button in the top right; follow directions to make a profile and enter your medications (a one-time setup); and refill
  • APP: Download the Health Mart App; follow directions to make a profile and enter your medications (a one-time setup); and refill (See how below)
  • NEED MORE HELP: Stop in if you need help setting up your profile or using the site or app.

... download our mobile APP & refill prescriptions

  • Go to your mobile device's App store and search for Health Mart (or click the image below (iOS for apple products)). Android also available.
  • Download the free mobile App
  • To find Baker's Pharmacy, enter "02835" or "Baker's Health Pharmacy" or allow the App to search your location; click "Baker's Health Pharmacy"
  • Click "Refill"
  • If you have made a profile online, use your email and password to log in
  • or; register and make a profile by following the prompts (a one-time setup)
  • Follow the prompts to enter your medications (the App will store for later)
  • Click "refill now" 
  • FYI: Explore the other features in the App; You can view your Rx History, set reminders to order refills or reminders to take your medication, or explore/change your account information

...transfer your prescriptions

There are two ways to transfer your prescriptions. You can call the pharmacy at 401.423.2800 or stop by during working hours. After we receive your information, we will contact the other pharmacy and transfer your prescription for you and gather any other information needed at that time.


Call us at 401.423.2800 and provide us with your existing prescription information.


  • Your name, address, phone number, date of birth, insurance and allergies
  • The name of the pharmacy where your last prescription was filled & their phone number
  • The prescription number printed on the medication label, or the name of the medication


  • The name of the pharmacy where your last prescription was filled & their phone number
  • The prescription number printed on the medication label, or the name of the medication



Stop by Baker's Pharmacy at 53 Narragansett Ave. during working hours and provide:


  • Bring your prescription bottle for the medication you would like refilled
  • We will call the other pharmacy to transfer your prescription and gather any information we made need. We may ask for:
    • Your name, address, phone number, date of birth, insurance and allergies
    • The name of the pharmacy where your last prescription was filled


Do your prescribed medications seem to run out at different times, requiring several trips to the pharmacy in a single month? Be it two, four or ten trips to the pharmacy, we can help you synchronize your prescription refills, easing up your busy schedule. Together, we can plan for a single day to have all your medications ready for the following month.

The MedSync program benefits customers who:

  • have multiple prescriptions and not enough time to get to the pharmacy once, much less two, three or more times in a month
  • have a caregiver administering or picking up their prescriptions
  • have multiple members in their household on routine medication (all members in the household can be switched to the same pick-up date)
  • have fluctuating work schedules
  • travel frequently and don't want to run out of their medication while away

To set up MedSync, call the pharmacy at 401.423.2800.

Example: A Logan & Kylie Adventure...

Logan takes three different medications, Med A, Med B and Med C. Med A always runs out the first Wednesday of the month warranting a trip to the pharmacy for a refill (trip 1). Med B runs out every two weeks, requiring two trips to the pharmacy per month (trip 2 & 3). Med C runs out monthly, on the last Thursday of the month, requiring yet another trip to the pharmacy (trip 4). And now Logan's wife, Kylie, was just prescribed a routine medication that will run out the third Monday of every month (trip 5).

Problem: Five trips to the pharmacy is four too many, just to pick up medication. Missing any refill trip, or delaying pick-up causes skips in dosages. And what if Logan runs out of heartburn medication on a night Kylie cooks her extra spicy tomato saucy over garlic-butter pasta?

Solution: The pharmacists or technicians at Baker's Pharmacy suggest the MedSync program to Logan & Kylie. The pharmacist calls Logan's & Kylie's physicians for any changes or approvals. Logan & Kylie pick the 10th of every month to be their pick-up date. The pharmacist realigns all the medications so they are expected to run out on the same day. Fat-forward to next month... Two days before the pre-determined pick-up day, the pharmacy refills the prescriptions. One day before pick-up day, the pharmacy calls Logan and Kylie to remind them about pick-up day. During the conversation, they pharmacy asks if there have been any problems with the medication or changes to their prescriptions. Logan says everything is going well and thanks the pharmacy for the reminder. (If Logan had changes, the pharmacist would then make the physician-approved changes to the refill order.) On the 10th, Logan makes his one trip to the pharmacy for their month's supply of medications. He leaves with a smile on his face, because Kylie's cooking extra spicy cajun shrimp and grits for dinner and he has his supply of heartburn medication...just in case. How nice is that?

... synchronize all your medication to one pick-up day (MedSync)


Sometimes life requires multiple medications. Some need to be taken at specific hours, some with food, some without, some instruct you to stay out of the sun, or avoid certain foods.

No matter how few or complex your medication regime may be, you can schedule a MedCheck consultation appointment (covered by some insurances…we can check on coverage for you) and one of our pharmacists will help you organize and maybe even eliminate some of the medications you're taking.

Note: This service does not replace a visit with your physician, though he/she will be consulted about any prescription changes.

Services covered during MedCheck consultations:

  • medication schedule
  • drug interactions
  • safe and efficient dosing
  • possible prescription eliminations
  • side effects you may be having
  • current medical conditions
  • drug allergies
  • prescription options such as less expensive substitutions (like switching to generics or a similar medication that is better covered by your insurance)
  • doctor/pharmacist consultation: We'll call your doctor and discuss and confirm approval of any substitutions you would like to make, and follow up with you about the changes (if any).
  • manage any prescriptions changes whether they start immediately or at the time of your next refill
  • discuss MedSync options (see above for details)

To make an appointment, call the pharmacy at 401.423.2800. We'll return your call during working hours and schedule an appointment time that best suits you.

EXAMPLE: A logan & kylie adventure...

Logan takes three different medications: Med A, Med B and Med C. Med A requires him to take two pills twice a day with food. Med B says to take thirty minutes before a meal. Med C is one pill every 24 hrs and shouldn't be taken with certain medications.

Problem: Logan had a long day at work and after dinner with his wife, Kylie, he can't wait to hit the pillow. He grabs his medications and a bottle of water and heads to the bedroom. Logan looks at the three bottles, but can't remember which two he couldn't take together. He asks Kylie, but she's not sure either. Logan decides to skip taking his medicines and will figure it out in the morning. He'll call the pharmacist if he can't figure it out.

Solution: Logan calls the pharmacist and explains his problem. The pharmacist looks at Logan's insurance plan and discovers a MedCheck medication consultation would be covered, so he offers the program to Logan. They set up a time to meet at the pharmacy, and at this meeting, as they're going over all the medications, dosages and a schedule, the pharmacist is able to determine safe and efficient dosages and ways to eliminate mistakes. He also double checks drug interactions and confirms that Logan doesn't have any allergies to medications. The pharmacist suggests a change in one of the medications that simplifies the dosing to once a day and avoids any interactions (which caused the skipped dosages). Logan says that he'd like to explore that option so the pharmacist calls the doctor for approval. After approval, Logan is able to take all his medications, following the schedule he and the pharmacist devised, and Logan no longer has to worry about taking the wrong medication, or skipping a dose.


... make  MedCheck medication consultation appointment (covered by some insurances)